We’re your thinking partner. We supply the who, what, when, where, why and how of your brand’s development, communication, marketing and training.

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Who we are

Lemonade Hub?

We work with undeveloped thoughts and plans (the lemons) and turn them into fresh, sparkling business solutions (the lemonade) for our clients.


From print

to online platforms

bigger results are within your reach!

We create effective communication material

to help you connect with your audience.

This is your one-stop hub for all the content you need, in whatever language and format will add value. Our resources and research efforts save you time and money, offering relevant results for multiple uses in a demanding and ever-changing market.

We aim for communication that is about more than just talk.

Who we are

Lemonade Hub?


We work with undeveloped thoughts and plans (the lemons) and turn them into fresh, sparkling business solutions (the lemonade) for our clients.


With more than 20 years’ industry experience, combining a solid academic background of journalism and industrial psychology, we bring a wealth of expertise and creativity to the table. Delivering a personalised service is fundamental to our business. Our lead times are flexible, and we’ll work with your budget to ensure that you receive the best results and value for money.

Our team

Our team

Our special edge

  1. Tailormade solutions
  2. A network of specialist inhouse and external resources
  3. Creativity combined with confident expertise
  4. Multi-platform interventions
  5. Lower rates on retainer
  6. NO after-hour rates

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Happy clients talk about us


“We are happy to confirm that Lemonade Hub has been providing us with a highly professional media and communication management service for several years. During this period, the quality of their work has been nothing short of excellent. They have handled many challenging and difficult assignments with insight and creative flair. At the same time, they are exceptionally accurate and to the point, particularly when it comes to script writing and translation into different languages. It is entirely fair to state that one would have to search long and hard to find a service provider so reliable and professional in what they do best. I have no difficulty in recommending them very strongly indeed.”

Screen Shot 2016-01-25 at 3.27.10 PM

“Lemonade Hub is a professional business, always delivering fresh and new ideas on time and is always willing to go the extra mile for us as a client. Our experience with Lemonade Hub up to this point has been very positive in that they know our business and the industry in which we operate. Their suggestions are strategically aligned to our company values and are always on point with what we had in mind. We would strongly recommend this service provider to anybody who requires a quality product.”

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“Xinergistix has made use of Lemonade Hub on various projects that include website design, branding of our fleet, image enhancement and strategy sessions. Lemonade Hub has always exceeded our requirements as their staff are extremely competent and they always acted very professionally in all our sessions. With regard to quality of work, accuracy, speed and creativity, we were very satisfied with everything that they presented to us. As a company and personally, I will recommend Lemonade Hub to any corporation. They will produce work of the highest quality and they will ensure positive results in whatever they do. Any future projects we have will be allocated to Lemonade Hub because we know that the level of expertise is above expectation and the results will be delivered within the set time frames. If it is professional service and results that you require, Lemonade Hub is the company to appoint for your project.”

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“SI+ Software Solution t/a Smart-it have been using Lemonade Hub’s services for advert design, copywriting and much more. Their services have been very good and were always done in a professional manner. All briefs were done as requested and done in a timely manner.”

Ilse Evertse

“Lemonade Hub has offered its editing and proofreading services to me and my clients for many years. I have never had any negative feedback from any clients; in fact, most of them greatly appreciate the swiftness, accuracy and quality of Lemonade Hub’s services. My clients, who are mostly academics in Europe and Asia, are not always the easiest and often have strange requirements, but this has never prevented Lemonade Hub from providing services in a very professional manner. The communication between my business in the Netherlands and Lemonade Hub in South Africa has always been excellent. I know how easily matters can go wrong and am therefore doubly thankful for Lemonade Hub’s honesty, transparency and willingness to go the extra mile. I can heartily recommend Lemonade Hub’s very professional approach to clients and the tasks they undertake.”

Lemonade Hub

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